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CHUCK BETTIS recordings
(listed alphabetically by bandname):

All Scars "Stretching Jupiter" Dot Line Circle 004 (japan) CD 2002
All Scars "Lunar Magus" Mass Particles/Dischord (usa)CD 2001
All Scars "Introduction To Humanity" Slowdime (usa) LP/CD 1999 *OUT OF PRINT! download
All Scars "Where are the Humans"
Ace Fu (usa) 7" 1998 *OUT OF PRINT!
All Scars "Early Ambient" Slowdime/Dischord (usa) LP/CD 1997
(Chuck Bettis-trumpet, vocals, & electronics, Jerry Busher-drums & electronics, Amy Domingues-cello & keyboard, Dug Birdzell-bass, James Canty-guitar/bass, Brendan Canty-guitar, Evan Rapport-reeds, Amy Farina-vocals)

Big Blood & Thunder Crutch "No Bombs Ever" Don't Trust The Ruin (usa) CDR 2017 *special limited edition printed only for Chuck Bettis' 2017 Stone residency
(Big Blood: Colleen Kinsella - voice, synthesizer, Caleb Mulkerin - electronics, Quinnisa Rose- voice & trombone/ Thunder Crutch: Chuck Bettis- electronics & vocals, Yuko Tonohira - voice)

Brown Wing Overdrive "True Deceivers" self-release download 2014
Brown Wing Overdrive + (((10))) "Zombie Allergy"self-release download 2012
Brown Wing Overdrive"L Phantasm" Kavekavity 004 (usa) CD 2010 *OUT OF PRINT!
Brown Wing Overdrive "ESP Organism" Tzadik 7410 (usa) CD 2008
Brown Wing Overdrive "We Have Issues: live @ Issue Project Room " Living Myth 001 (usa) CD 2007 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis- electronics & vocals, Mikey IQ Jones - electronics, objects, & vocals, Derek Morton - electronics & banjo)

Chuck Bettis "11 Mirrors" Living Myth download 2016
Chuck Bettis
"Teardrop Hunter" Living Myth download 2016
Chuck Bettis
"Pixel Bleed" Living Myth 004 CD/download 2015
Chuck Bettis
"S.A.N.S. OST" Living Myth download 2014
Chuck Bettis "Pan OST" Living Myth download 2014
Chuck Bettis
"Urgency Renewal" Don't Trust The Ruin 29 (usa) CDR 2011*OUT OF PRINT! download
Chuck Bettis "Arctic Oscillations" Contour Editions 0004 (usa) download 2010
Chuck Bettis & Carlos Giffoni's Devastation Duo
"And The Demon Smiles" Audiobot (belgium) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
Chuck Bettis & Friends "Community Of Commotion" North East Indie 36(usa) CD/download 2004
* w/
Ikue Mori, Toshio Kajiwara, Jerry Lim, Audrey Chen, Tom Boram, Caleb Mulkerin, Colleen Kinsella, Mick Barr, Melissa Ip, Chriss Sutherland, Aaron Brenner, & Tim Barnes
Chuck Bettis "Sonic Sigils"Scarcelight / download (usa) 3" CD 2003

Dafna Naphtali & Chuck Bettis"Chatter Blip" Acheulian Handaxe 0805 (usa) CD/download 2009
(Dafna Naphtali - vocals & electronics, Chuck Bettis-electronics + throat)

Die Trommel Fatale "s/t" New Atlantis 050 (usa) CD/Download 2017
(Brandon Seabrook - guitar & compositions, Chuck Bettis-electronics + throat, Marika Hughes - cello, Eivind Ospvik - bass, Dave Treut & Sam Ospovat - drums)

Heresee (usa) CD 2003 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis-computer electronics, Catherine Pancake-drums & hydraphone, Bob Wagner-drums, Tom Boram-synth)

Franke Vogl & Chuck Bettis "Bobo Fossils" Earth2Ether 03 cassette/download 2017
Franke Vogl & Chuck Bettis
"Economy Of Gestures" Living Myth download 2015
(Franke Vogl - prepared bass, Chuck Bettis- electronics)

Hans Tammen's Dark Modular Orchestra "s/t" Gold Bolus Recordings download 2017
(Hans Tammen - conduction, Chuck Bettis, Chris Penalosa, Laura Feathers, Mike Bazini, Nick Berry, Matthew Gantt, Sofy Yuditskaya, Greg Neeld, Lorenz Fish- electronics, David Keay-drums)

Hell Hoarse - "Cold Planet" Living Myth 003 (usa) CD /download 2012
Hell Hoarse - "Skull Puddle" Living Myth 002/Uppercase 006 (usa)
CD 2010 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis-electronics, Brendan Murray - electronics)

Measles Mumps Rubella - "Dynamic Disasters" self-release download 2007
( remixes by Ad Rock, Robert Austin, MemoryBoy & JHNTNK ,Jonathan Kreilnk)
Measles Mumps Rubella
- "Fantastic Success"
Doubling Cube (usa) CD 2006 download
(Chuck Bettis-vocals & trumpet, Robert Austin-bass, Mark Robeleski-guitar, Ryan Hicks-drums)

The Meta-matics "complete discography" Troubleman Unlimited (usa) CD 2005 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*cd has extra tracks from 7" split with Make*Up, compilation tracks and found recordings
The Meta-matics "s/t" Slowdime 1 (usa) LP 1995*OUT OF PRINT!
(Chuck Bettis-vocals, Aaron Brenner-guitar, Franke Vogl-bass, Malcolm McDuffie-drums, special guest Gabe Andruzzi-sax)
The Meta-matics/Make*Up "Abscence of Rhythym"/"Gospel Yeah Yeah" Black Gemini (usa) 7" 1995*OUT OF PRINT!

Mob Action - "s/t" Living Myth download 1993
( Dree Thibert - bass, vocals, Gabe Andruzzi-guitar, vocals,Chuck Bettis-guitar, vocals, Malcolm McDuffie-drums)

Mossenek "Paranoia Plague Shrine 2" self-release download 2016
"Paranoia Plague Shirine 1" self -release download 2016
Mossenek "Inhuname To Each Other" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Old Yelling EP" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Precarious Summoning" self-release CDR *OUT OF PRINT! download 2014
"Divine Indiference" self-release download 2014
"Bithcivserberous" self-release download 2014
"Mothen" American Tapes 987 (usa) 7" 2014
Mossenek "Old Detention" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Sublingual Glossectum" Rock Is Hell (austria) tape / download 2012
(Mick Barr - guitar, Chuck Bettis - throat + electronics, Colin Marston - bass, electronics on Paranoia Plague Shrine)

Mudang Rouge- "Fantasy Horizon" Don't Trust The Ruin 36 (usa) CDR *OUT OF PRINT download 2012
(Chuck Bettis - electronics, throat, mukkuri/ Jerry Lim - kayagum, electronic & acoustic guitars, danso/ Evan Rapport - alto & soprano saxophones, recorder, harmonica /special guest Josh Blair - drums)

Overishins "s/t" Hathener (usa) download 2017
(Mick Barr - guitar & 12-string banjo, Chuck Bettis - throat + electronics, Johnny DeBlase - e.bass, contrabass & electronics, Mike Pride - drums & percussion / special guest Colin Marston - whammy guitar

Period - "2" Public Eyesore 129 (usa) CD 2014
(Mike Pride - drums, Charlie Looker - guitar, Chuck Bettis - throat & electronics, Darius Jones - sax, Sam Hilmer - sax)

Pet Bottle Ningen - "Japan Tour 2014" (japan) CDR *OUT OF PRINT download 2014
(Nonoko Yoshida -sax, Dave Scanlon - guitar, Dave Miller - drums, Chuck Bettis - electronics + throat)

Smooch"practice tapes" Living Myth download 1992
( Jen Barnhard - vocals, Jerry Lim - guitar, Chuck Bettis-bass, Josh Blair - drums)

Snake Union "Danger's Rainbow" Birdfriend 034 (japan) Cassette/download 2017
Snake Union
"The Role of Revulsion" Rat Route 005 (usa) Cassette/download 2017

Snake Union "Specimens" Rat Route 003 (usa) Cassette *OUT OF PRINT download 2015
(Dave Grant - modular synth, Chuck Bettis - electronics)

Trance And The Arcade
"Oven Tiger" 
Mass Particles/Manipulatto (usa/argentina) DVD 2002 *OUT OF PRINT!
(Chuck Bettis-sound, Jorge Castro aka Fisternni-visual)
Trance And The Arcade "tmusss" 
Troubleman Unlimited (usa) 7" *OUT OF PRINT! download
Trance And The Arcade "Bender Sphinx"
Alienation (japan) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
Trance And The Arcade "Theatre Of Cruelty" submass 2 (usa) download 2000
*submass was the download division of Mass Particles
Trance And The Arcade "Survival In Infinity"  Mass Particles (usa) CD/ download 2000
guest Mick Barr-guitar)
Trance And The Arcade "Harmonic Architecture" Mass Particles (usa) CD/download 1998
Trance And The Arcade/Earth City "s/t" Mass Particles (usa)
7" 1997

WWIII "s/t"Dogg N' Pony (usa) CD/download 2005
(Chuck Bettis-bass & rhodes piano, Josh Blair-drums & electronics, Jerry Lim-guitar)


"Allegorical Power Series Vol. VII"
2003 download
*trio with Anna Ghallo, Ryan Smith, Chuck Bettis
"Allied Radio Recordings comp" Allied Radio Recordings (usa) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Chants Beneath" 2015 download
*appears as Chuck Bettis

"Chicken Bomb" Lumpen Magazine (usa) CD 1996 *OUT OF PRINT!
*w/ the Meta-matics (track appears on the Meta-matics "complete discography")
"Collaborations" CD Collective Jyrk / Decomposition (usa) CD 2005 *OUT OF PRINT!
* w/ Carly Ptak, Yellow Swans, Eva Inca Core, Jerry Lim & Sharon Cheslow

"DB Sides" Planaria (usa) CD 2003
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Loose Screws Vol. 1" Living Myth download 2016
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Less Self Is More Self: benefit for Tarantula Hill"
Ecstatic Peace (usa) CD 2006
*appears as Chuck Bettis
Troubleman Unlimited (usa) CD 2001 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*w/ All Scars
"The Philadelphia Embassy of Elgaland-Vargaland" 2017 download
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Pulgar #11 audio magazine" (mexico) CD
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Radio CPR"
Dischord (usa) CD 2003
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Radio Silence: compiled by Miniature Minotaurs" WFMU (usa) pledge only CD 2012
* appears as Chuck Bettis
SocketsCDR (usa) CDR *OUT OF PRINT! download
*w/ Brown Wing Overdrive
"Space Is No Place 2"
Psych-o-path (usa) CD 2003 *OUT OF PRINT! download
* w/ Toshio Kajiwara
"Strength In Numbers" Chant Records (usa) download 2017
*appears as Snake Union Vs. Soft Circle
"Zero De Conduit"
Kathodik (italy) CD
*appears as Trance And The Arcade

guest appearances:

Le Tigre"This Island" Universal (usa)LP/CD 2004
*plays trumpet on "Sixteen"
Meltdown "New Map"
Archigramophone (usa) LP 1996 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*vocals on "Gutter Up"

Nautical Almanac/Vertonen "split" C.I.P (usa) split LP 2004
*uncredited apperance
Nautical Almanac "Cisum" Heresee (usa) LP 2003*OUT OF PRINT!
Nautical Almanac "Rejerks Vol.1" Heresee (usa) CD 2002 *OUT OF PRINT! download
Nautical Almanac "We Want War Tour CDR" Heresee 016 CDR 2002 *OUT OF PRINT! download


Arcana VII edited by John Zorn (usa) book 2014
The Wire issue 216 (great britian) magazine 2002


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